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I moved to New York from Budapest in 2007 to challenge myself and endeavor my relentless ambition to collaborate with filmmakers from all around the world, to advance my expertise, expand my professional network and pursue new friendships. 
As an                                       I enjoy working with a wide variety of international talents in front of and behind the camera and nurturing a community of distinctive voices and diverse content creators. My goal is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment on set so everyone can achieve their creative vision while fulfilling the passion and commitment to their craft. 

- Dorottya
independent producer

I asked the cast and crew of @goodeggfilm about indie filmmaking and their heartfelt responses describe perfectly the core reason why regardless of the endless challenges, the mounting obstacles and budget constrains - the creative freedom and collaboration paired with artistic passion for the project makes the hustle all worth it.

Videography: David M. Hoppe

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