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Dorottya Máthé is a New York based Producer from Hungary with over 25+ film credits in her extensive portfolio. Originally working for a prestigious television production company in Budapest, her desire for new challenges and for honing her craft, drove her to pursue her aspirations abroad. 

Thriving in the culturally eclectic landscape of New York, Dorottya is passionate about creating narrative and documentary films that celebrate diversity. She has meticulously cultivated a professional network and expeditiously distinguished herself by assembling a core New York based stellar team of highly skilled international crew who she regularly works and maintains camaraderie with. The juxtapose of their creative approach generates a vibrant atmosphere on her set, amplifying their enduring collaboration, bringing unique perspectives to her projects. 

As the orchestrator of all production aspects, from inception till distribution with a hands-on approach, it is vital to Dorottya to provide steadfast support to all participating artists both behind and in front of the camera so they can explore, develop and grow their individual voices. 

Presently, she is engaged in the development of two projects in collaboration with writer-director Nathan Catucci for their second joint endeavor. "The Beltlands" unfolds as a gritty western, set in the 1980s American rust belt amidst outlaw motorcycle gangs. Meanwhile, “Rabbit" takes on the guise of a horror/fantasy tale, delving into the complex dynamics between a mother and son. This chilling narrative is intertwined with a redemption story, exploring the theme of finding hope within the realms trauma.


Driven by an unwavering commitment to telling compelling stories with a focus on female-driven narratives and culturally versatile talents, Dorottya joined forces with writer-director-producer Nicole Gomez Fisher. Together they embarked on the adventure-comedy “Good Egg," featuring Yara Martinez, Joel Johnstone, and Andrea Londo. The film aims to spark thought-provoking discussions surrounding women's courageous journeys in reproductive choices, while putting an amusing spin on the complexities of fertility treatment. After a one-week limited theatrically run in November 2023, it was released on VOD/Digital in the US, UK by Vertical Entertainment.


Her credits encompasses a range of projects, such as ”Impossible Monsters,” a recipient of the Panasonic Filmmaker Grant. This intricate psychological thriller stars Tony Award Winner Santino Fontana, along with notable talents like Geoffrey Owens, Laila Robins, and Dennis Boutsikaris. The film had a theatrical release in early 2020 and later became available on Video on Demand (VOD) through Gravitas Ventures. Dorottya also produced ”The Independents," a folk 'n roll fable with Richard Kind and Tony Award Winner Kelli O’Hara in cameo-roles distributed by Giant Interactive.


Dorottya serves as a member of the Advisory Board for “To Kid or Not To Kid,” a groundbreaking documentary directed by Maxine Trump - the first feature-length English-speaking doc that discusses the childfree and childless topic. Inspired by the film’s favorable reception, extensive research of the topic led to the creation of an interview-based docu-web series titled, “Should We Kid or Not?,” which Dorottya produced. This insightful series, commissioned by PBS, features two strangers engaging in a debate style discussion, exploring the pros and cons of the decision to have children.

She has also contributed to “Pardon us for Living but the Graveyard is Full,” a music documentary spotlighting the garage-rock band the Fleshtones, and “Sing for Hope: Pop-Up Pianos,” a documentary capturing the essence of New York City‘s largest public art project.


Expanding her horizons beyond conventional filmmaking, fulfilling her curiosity to work across genres, she produced an eclectic array of highly visible projects for prominent art institutions inviting influential multi-disciplinary artists from around the world to collaborate. Notably, “Portraits in Dramatic Time” is an assemblage of glacially paced slow motion video performance portraits, commissioned by Lincoln Center featuring seminal talents including Alan Rickman, Patti Lupone, Holly Hunter. Garnering significant media attention, widely covered by The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the featured slow-motion films were prominently displayed on an expansive 85-foot-wide screen adorning the front facade of the David H. Koch Theater. 

Following her artistic endeavors Dorottya produced “Women: The War Within” a dance-theatre-opera backed by the Princess Grace Foundation. The performance premiered at the Baryshnikov Arts Center and starred Wendy Whelan, the former prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet (currently serving as the Associate Artistic Director), alongside the exceptional traditional Chinese opera singer Qian Yi and Obie Award-Winning actress Ching Waldes-Aran.


Dorottya’s broad portfolio includes “Fatelessness”, the inaugural stage adaptation of Imre Kertész’ Nobel-Prize-winning book. This solo theatre performance debuted at Here Arts Center to critical acclaim. Additionally, she co-produced “Nikolett Pankovits Sextet & The River Voices” a jazz-concert featuring a barrier-breaking 18-piece remarkable international ensemble, showcasing Hungarian folk music with South American rhythms, which was celebrated with standing ovation at Carnegie Hall.


Possessing a Licensed Private Career School Teacher Certificate in Filmmaking, Dorottya contributes her expertise to the field of education since 2010. In her role as Producing Instructor for the Documentary Faculty at the New York Film Academy she serves as a mentor to emerging international filmmakers. Dorottya has created a comprehensive curriculum for producing classes throughout the academic year, developed a production book and designed a "Business of Docs" class series.

Additionally, she has been a guest lecturer at Bmcc since 2019, where she has played a pivotal role in fostering the professional development of aspiring students in the field. Through case-study and master classes she introduces them to the entire cycle of production workflow, from the initial stages of development to the complexities of distribution.

To provide hands-on training on film sets, Dorottya extends opportunities for her students to join her projects. This immersive  experience allows them to delve into the day-to-day dynamics of production and to enjoy the collective experience of filmmaking.


Dorottya actively participates as a member of Women Independent Producers, a global network dedicated to supporting and fostering the success of female producers.

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