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Slow Motion Video Series



International Center of Photography | New York, USA


My new collaboration with visual artist David Michalek is Groove, a video installation commissioned by the International Center of Photography, which will be exhibited in the front windows of their new building.

Groove pays tribute to the thousand faces and characters of New York City featuring a selection of extreme-slow-motion individual portraits of men, women of all age, shape, sizes, ethnicity, gender, cultural background, profession and from all walks of life. 

The project will celebrate the diversity of talents who nurture and expose their creativity in New York City as well as community leaders, committed volunteers and everyday heroes who contribute to our life with their substantial work.

Participants will be DANCING individually to a music they will be inspired to move to in front of a vivid background wearing their uniform (nurse, fireman, policeman …) or traditional costumes (if it is part of their everyday life) or regular clothes they wear daily at work.

This improvisational, natural and very personal dancing will eventually be stretched into a ten-minute silent slow-motion portrait.


Slow Motion Video Series


Museum Les Arts Decoratifs I Paris, France

February 28 - August 31, 2014

Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris organizes a retrospective exhibition every year honoring an accomplished fashion designer. In 2014 it was the Belgian fashion guru Dries Van Noten. The exhibition opened during women's fashion week in February. For this occasion director, David Michalek, created a series of slow-motion art videos featuring Dries' garments wore by models he regularly collaborating with.


Slow Motion Video Portraits



Edinburgh Fringe Festival I Edinburgh, Scotland

August 3 - 28, 2012

Le Laboratorie I Paris France

October, 7 2013 - January 6, 2014

Excited to collaborate again with David Michalek on his project Figure Studies that is premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Applies the technology of high-speed HD video toward capturing scenes and subject matter reminiscent of the famous Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey photo-studies of human movement. Both of these bodies of work, which constitute some of the greatest achievements of 19th century photography, are also considered early progenitors of cinema. The core premise of the project was quite simple: record a small slice of time (a mere five seconds of movement) at extremely high frame rates (3000 frames per second), so that when played back in real time, the seconds would stretch to a glacially-paced ten minutes. Figure Studies applies that methodology to a diverse range of human subjects: specialized bodies shaped by athletics, dancing, and physical labor, as well as non-specialized bodies. Within each group, there is a broad range of ages and body-types as well as ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Each subject is seen executing a particular movement sequence or concept that was arrived at through both artistic as well as scientific considerations.


Slow Motion Video Portraits


Lincoln Center Festival | USA

July 8- 31, 2011

Thrilled to be the producer of Portraits in Dramatic Time directed by David Michalek, commissioned by the Lincoln Center Festival in 2011 is displayed on a screen measuring 85 ft. wide by 45 ft. high hung on the front facade of the David H. Koch Theater. The public installation is featuring hyper-slow-motion video performance-portraits by an eclectic array of glacially paced performances of well- and lesser-know theater artists and actors all genres and nationalities [Alan Rickman, William H, Macy, Liev Schreiber, Jay Scheib Company ...] With artists featured both singly and in groups, the piece offered a unique and secret glimpse into some of the world's greatest performing artists. The new work was shot using ultra-high speed, high-definition cameras. The cameras were fixed, and the live action was recorded for duration of 10 - 15 seconds. Each scene-sequence of drama was crafted to provide a physical metaphor for an emotional condition.change me and your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.


Video Series



Whitney Museum of America Art - Whitney's Live series

December 7, 2007

Impermanent Collection: The Whitney Museum of American Art, directed by Brock Labrenz, written by Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly, are a series of films created for and in response to the Whitney Museum of American Art. In total we created five video portraits that resonate the experience of five performers reacting to five works of art from the Whitney’s permanent collection.

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photo by Francesca Pagani

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